Thermal Energy Storage
A grid-scale solution
for permanent load shifting

Our behind-the-meter Ice Bear batteries offer utilities a proven way to permanently shift peak HVAC cooling load.

A short clip of drone footage flying over a home improvement store, showcasing installation of dozens of Ice Bear 40 thermal energy storage systems attached to HVAC rooftop packaged units.

Helping Homes & Commercial Properties Save On Cooling Costs

Transform air conditioning load

With rising temperatures, power grids are increasingly stressed. Air conditioning is the main driver of peak demand and the most difficult load to manage. Thule Energy Storage’s behind-the-meter Ice Bear batteries offer utilities a proven way to permanently eliminate up to 95% of peak cooling load. Since 2005, over 40 utilities have been using our award-winning Ice Bears to manage their customers’ AC load without impacting comfort.







How do thermal batteries work?

The Ice Bear stores energy by freezing and storing ice during cooler, off-peak hours. During peak hours, it turns off energy-intensive AC compressors and uses the stored ice instead to provide cooling for up to 8 hours. Each Ice Bear battery comes equipped with a smart-grid controller and bi-directional communications to give utilities real-time visibility and control. Individual units, custom groupings or entire fleets can be dispatched to shift and optimize cooling loads. Learn more







Ice Bear advantages for utilities:

  • Reduces the need for carbon-intensive peaking generation
  • Defers or eliminates expensive transmission and distribution upgrades
  • Improves system efficiency and grid reliability
  • Flattens the duck curve by using solar over-generation to freeze Ice Bears and then by discharging cooling during peak to eliminate AC load
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Deployable at megawatt scale





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